Racing’s Coolest Fans at the Track!

Hello fellow NASCAR fans! We’ve taken our paper Racing Fan all over the country, visiting tracks along the NASCAR circuit and meeting drivers. Follow along with our adventures as we post photos here of where our Racing Fan travels to next…

Oh, and if you’d like a few paper Racing Fans of your own… check out our shop for various styles of fans. Print-at-home and fully-assembled fans shipped directly to you are available!

  • DIY Print-At-Home Fans:
    • Tire “Cool Racing Fan”
    • “This Is What A Cool Racing Fan Looks Like!”
    • “This Is One Cool Racing Fan Held By An Even Cooler Race Fan!”
  • Fully-Assembled Shipped-To-You Fans:
    • 24 different NASCAR Tracks
    • “Racing’s Coolest Fan”

Recent Updates…

November 2019 – Martin Truex Jr. is the first driver to sign our blank Racing Fan!

May 2019 – Hello from Kansas Speedway with our Kansas Racing Fan!

March 2019 – Staying cool with our Texas Racing Fan at Texas Motor Speedway!

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Nautical Daily Planner


Last month, this blank nautical journal was in a clearance bin for $6. Today, it is a hand-drawn daily planner that covers 30 months with blank pages to spare! The days of the week are color-coded to make it easy to identify each one and every day has a “Today…” banner to fill in birthdays, appointments, reminders and more. To the front of the planner we added Hebrews 6:19 which reads: “Jesus is the anchor of my soul.” Considering most 12-month daily planners cost $17 or more, this 30-month daily planner is a bargain for only $6 (plus a few hand cramps!).


Paper Wedding Cake Card Box

Introducing ItsMadeCreatively’s Paper Wedding Cake Card Box!

The perfect way to collect cards from your wedding guests is with this Wedding Cake Card Box! Made out of paper, the three tier round cake consists of paper mache boxes covered with embossed paper sides which look as if it has been iced, just like a real cake. Lace trim lines the edges of each tier with numerous delicate paper flowers spilling over the sides. The flowers can be created in any color to match the color scheme of your wedding! On top of the cake is a paper bride with lace dress and pearl necklace next to a groom with a sign that reads “Place Cards Here”. When cards are dropped into the opening, they fall down and collect in the bottom tier. To remove the cards, simply lift the cake up by the second tier and retrieve them. From bottom to top of the paper bride and groom, the cake stands 20″ tall and measures 12″ in diameter at the base and can easily hold 50 cards. For added durability, a plastic edge was 3D-printed and inserted into the opening to protect the cake top from the wear and tear of the cards passing through. From elegant to casual, this cake can be easily transformed into a perfect match for your wedding’s color scheme and theme!