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Adorable Snowman Crafts

MadeCreatively | Snowmen that will melt your heart!
Snowmen that will melt your heart!

Take a look at these adorable snowmen which were created in just a few minutes! With a handmade scarf and matching felt hat, each snowman took on his own personality when adding the button eyes, mouth and carrot-like nose. These snowmen will melt your heart!

MadeCreatively | Wal-Mart Snowman Wall Art
Wal-Mart Snowman Wall Art!

Hanging on the wall with wintery delight is this adorable snowman! Created using glittery plastic snowflakes from Wal-Mart, this snowman truly came to life once his button eyes, felt top hat and red Christmas scarf were added!

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Fun On-The-Go!

Have you ever seen an item sold in bulk at such a great price that you just can’t turn it down and then after purchasing, wondered what to do with them all? We found ourselves in that very quandary after purchasing 708 unused 4″ plastic bottles for the bargain price of just $5! That works out to be less than a penny for each! We knew there had to be an ingenious way to turn the bottles into a creative craft or toy for our Operation Christmas Child shoeboxes and after much brainstorming and several trips to craft stores for ideas, we created these three great travel-sized games…

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Filled with 25 clear and blue mini decorative marbles from Michaels then sealed with a cap that was custom 3-D printed.

Supplies cost: $0.16

Necklace Kit

Filled with 18″ of rat tail cord and 21 plastic pony beads from Dollar Tree then sealed with a cap that was custom 3-D printed.

Supplies cost: $0.11

Pick-up Sticks

Filled with 18 multicolored mini wooden dowels from Michaels then sealed with a cap that was custom 3-D printed.

Supplies cost: $0.34

Three great additions to our shoeboxes!

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Jellyfish To Bring Joy!

The other day, we ran across a tutorial on how to crochet a curlicue which inspired us to give it a try and make a jellyfish! Despite not knowing how to crochet, let alone increase and decrease stitches you may think this project seemed impossible. Oh, and what pattern did we use? None! Armed with only an image in mind of what we wanted the finished jellyfish would look like, a crochet hook and ball of cotton yarn, we watched a few tutorials then got started. Several hours later (after unraveling and re-starting a few times), we were adding stuffing to the finished bell (that’s the body) of our jellyfish and sewing on 5 dangly curlicue arms! We even ended up with a spiral pattern on the underside of the jellyfish bell – which was totally unintentional and simply the result of playing around with different ways to crochet! Measuring 8 inches tall and just over 4 inches in diameter, this soft little guy will bring a smile to the face of the child who received it! From the very beginning of this project, we had a plan for where this little jellyfish will end up – in one of the Operation Christmas Child shoeboxes that we will create this year using the profits from our Shoebox Packing Party sales. Take a look at those eligible products here or a list of the themes for each of our 2017 shoeboxes here!