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Handmade Seaside Christmas Ornaments

“Melekalikimaka” is the thing to say on a bright Hawaiian Christmas Day and if you’re a lover of all things sand and surf, then you probably decorate your Christmas tree each year with beach-inspired ornaments. Take a look at this collection of handmade ornaments that were created for just that purpose!

  • Felt Sea Horse – Hand-sewn with felt, Red Heart Scrubby Cotton yarn mane, sequins and beads.
  • Starfish – Accented with rhinestones, pearls and mini flower embellishments.
  • Jellyfish – A sea urchin with pearl-accented tentacles.
  • “Beach” – Scrabble tiles on a small ribbon.
  • Beach Pallet – Beach-themed accents on a mini wooden pallet.
  • Framed Sea Horse – Coastal-colored mini photo frame with a sea horse sticker in the center.
  • Sea Turtle – Crocheted by hand with colorful yarn.
  • Sea Chest – A small wooden chest filled with shells and pieces of sea glass.
  • Beach Chair – Wooden beach chair with sandy legs, a mini wreath and “Somewhere there is a beach chair with my name on it” sign.
  • Seashell Garland – Mini seashells strung on fishing line along with blue and white glass beads and pieces of sea glass.

Christmas Fun with New App

Merry Christmas! Another brand-new ItsMadeCreatively mobile app has been released! We partnered with i360Studios, a clever team who develops creative and innovative mobile apps, to bring Activity Bingo Sports and Activity Bingo Field Trip to the world of mobile games and are thrilled to announce our 3rd app, Activity Bingo Christmas, is FREE! Featuring the Bingo cards we designed, this one-of-a-kind game is easy-to-play and entertaining for players of all ages. This year while you decorate the Christmas tree, host a holiday party or tour the neighborhood to admire Christmas lights, be sure to bring your favorite mobile device with this app on it! Our collection of Activity Bingo apps will continue to expand to feature many different themed topics, enabling you to play the interactive game at home, on the road, at the stadium and beyond.

Now, let’s give you a glimpse into what makes this app so special . . .
Each Activity Bingo app features four different card themes with hundreds of cards packed with color and detail. On an iPhone®, you can only play one card at a time but on an iPad®, you can choose to play two cards side-by-side. This enables you to compete with a friend or simply play two cards at once! There are four unique styles of gameplay which provide endless hours of entertainment. Read more about it here!

Download it today!

And as we mentioned before, more themed variations of Activity Bingo are on the way so stay tuned!

Operation Christmas Child

2017 Profits for Shoeboxes – Box 9

Each year, we use the profits from our Packing Party product sales to fill and cover the shipping cost for Operation Christmas Child shoeboxes and this year we made 23!

Shoebox #9 is called Good News, Great Joy! and is for a 5-9 year old girl. Inside this Christmas-themed shoebox gift is a Christmas Bible-themed activity book and a train whistle. In addition to her own toothbrush, comb, bar soap and washcloth, she will also find paper and a pencil case full of school supplies such as pencils, pens, crayons, colored pencils, eraser, sharpener, scissors and paper clips. A red and green-striped drawstring backpack keeps the theme going along with a mini Winnie the Pooh holding a Christmas tree. Beautiful blue socks, a headband, hair clips, bracelets, light-up Santa bracelet and a sewing kit are also inside! When it comes to toys, she will find a mini train set, bouncy ball, stickers, kazoo, mini Pick Up Sticks game, light-up Santa wand, Tic Tac Toe, card game and heart-shaped Slinky. Last of all, a super soft stuffed lamb will surely bring a smile to her face!

Thanks to everyone who have purchased and continue to purchase our Packing Party products! Together we will change the lives of children all over the world through the amazing power of a simple gift through Operation Christmas Child.

Wanna see more? View all 23 shoeboxes of 2017!


“The Original” Mouse-Shaped Scrubby!

Introducing ItsMadeCreatively’s newest product line – Mouse-shaped Scrubby!

Handmade with Red Heart’s uniquely textured Scrubby yarn, our mouse-shaped Scrubby set is the perfect addition to your kitchen or bathroom! Our Polyester Mouse Scrubby cleans dirty pots easier than cotton yarn dishcloths and it will dry a lot quicker! It exfoliates as well, so you can also use it daily as a washcloth in the bathroom. Our Cotton Mouse Scrubby cleans surfaces and soaks up spills in the kitchen with ease and are a wonderful washcloth to use daily in the bathroom. All of our Mouse Scrubbies are made with Red Heart’s Scrubby yarn and can be machine washed and dried. Pair it with a bar of soap or kitchen utensils for an awesome gift for birthdays, weddings, housewarmings, and more!

ItsMadeCreatively is home to “The Original” Mouse-Shaped Scrubby!

Check out our Pinterest for photos!

Purchase a Mouse Scrubby Set today from our store!

Purchase a Mouse Scrubby Set today from our Etsy store!

Operation Christmas Child

National Collection Week 2016

National Collection Week 2016 was one to remember! We volunteered over 80 hours at the local Collection Center during the week and helped get 18,965 shoeboxes from the donor’s hands to the trail bound for the Processing Center. Take a look at the photos below for a behind-the-scenes look at the Collection Center!

Operation Christmas Child’s National Collection Week – Nov. 14-21, 2016
Welcome to the local Collection Center!
There are hundreds of shoeboxes lining the walls of the Collection Center, waiting to be packing into cartons!
Look at the growing line of cars waiting to drop off shoeboxes!
Some vehicles arrived stuffed to the roof with shoeboxes – wow!
There’s no room for even one more shoebox!
Once the shoeboxes are unloaded from the car, they are stacked in groups of 5 and counted.
Each shoebox is checked to make sure it has a marked Boy/Girl label.
Then the shoeboxes are packed into OCC shipping cartons.
These shipping cartons are filled with shoeboxes and are ready to be loaded onto the semi trailer.
Up to 32 volunteers signed up to help at the Collection Center each day.
In this area, shoeboxes are being created with items collected all year long.
These wonderful volunteers are helping fill shoeboxes!
Our strong trailer-loading team of guys worked hard to get the truck loaded.
One of the Relay Centers arrived with a horse trailer full of shoeboxes!
Another Relay Center brought a U-Haul truck full of shoeboxes!
Here’s another shot of our epic trailer-loading guys!
With 3 full trailers, the remaining cartons wait for the 4th trailer to arrive.
The Collection Center collected 18,965 shoeboxes! Hooray!
At night, the Collection Center is aglow with colorful Christmas lights!
Adventures of Beasley, Operation Christmas Child

Journey of Our 23 Shoeboxes in 2016

From start to finish, it was so much fun to create these 23 precious shoeboxes using the profits from our Shoebox Packing Party product sales. Follow the journey of these 23 simple gifts from our hands to the 23 sweet children in Honduras who God chose to receive these particular shoeboxes in the photo collection below! If you’d like to see what’s inside each of our shoeboxes, click here.

Our 23 shoeboxes began their journey here…
Beasley helped load them into the car, bound for the Collection Center!
At the Collection Center, the boxes were loaded onto a wagon…
Then packed into an OCC shipping carton…
That’s our carton, #115, waiting to be loaded onto the semi truck!
It’s trailer loading time! Back onto the wagon they go…
Down the ramp to the parking lot where the semi truck is parked…
And finally, loaded onto the trailer which is destined for the DFW OCC Processing Center!
At the Processing Center, the shoeboxes are checked for inappropriate items and send on to…

which is where ItsMadeCreatively’s 23 shoeboxes went in 2016!

Adventures of Beasley, Operation Christmas Child

Beasley During National Collection Week!

ItsMadeCreatively’s own mascot, little Beasley was spotted at the local Collection Center for Operation Christmas Child shoeboxes during National Collection Week!

First, she posed in front of the giant map on the wall that shows which countries have received shoeboxes from the Dallas/Fort Worth Processing Center over the past 3 years. It’s a pretty awesome sight to see!

Next, she held her own mini shoebox while sitting on and surrounded by thousands of shoeboxes that had already been dropped off at the Collection Center!

Then she took a closer look at the Collection Center’s Christmas tree, which was decorated with “OCC” letter ornaments, ItsMadeCreatively’s shoebox plane ornaments and many photos of children receiving Operation Christmas Child shoeboxes. Our favorite photo is the one showing a group of elephants transporting cartons of shoeboxes to a remote village!

Events & Shows, Operation Christmas Child

Shoebox Packing Party #3


This afternoon, a senior living community held an Operation Christmas Child shoebox packing party! We helped set-up and host the party just like the parties we attended last month. There was Christmas music, a mini Christmas tree decorated with OCC ornaments, our Shoebox Bingo and plenty of great items to put in shoeboxes. The residents had already folded 50 red-and-green G.O. boxes, signed Christmas cards and even had made items to go in the shoeboxes like fabric pouches for hygiene items and felt pouches for school supplies!
Kicking off the party with three games of Shoebox Bingo, the residents who got a bingo chose an item as a prize to be the first item put into their shoebox!
Next up, time to begin filling shoeboxes! After receiving some packing tips from their activities director, the residents lined up and made their way around the tables, filling their shoebox with the items on the tables. School supplies, soap and washcloths, socks, underwear, small toys, necklaces and many more items were available! All of the shoeboxes packed at the party were for girls aged 10-14 years. We added a label and rubber band to each shoebox as it came down the line and started stacking up the finished shoeboxes.
By making sure that each shoebox contained one of each essential item (soap, washcloth, school supplies, etc) they were able to fill 61 shoeboxes which beat their total last year of 50! We’d like to give a special shout-out to 9-year old Emery, the granddaughter of one of the residents who came to the party – “We’re so glad you came to the party! Thanks so much for your help packing all of those shoeboxes into cartons with us!” We showed Emery how to fit 23 shoeboxes into a carton, and by the time we got to cartons #2 and #3, she was doing it all by herself! Way to go, girl. Last of all, we took a photo of the ladies who came to the party with all 61 shoeboxes and our Shoebox Banner!

Operation Christmas Child, Products

Thank You Gifts for Volunteers


We have received several requests from customers for a shoebox-themed “thank you gift” over the past year and today, are happy to announce the release of a product to fulfill that request! Drum roll please… Introducing, the Shoebox Shirt Favor Box! This t-shirt-shaped favor box comes in three styles:

  • Box design – A white t-shirt with red collar and green sleeve cuffs featuring “2016 Good News Great Joy” on the front. (Note: the year will change to reflect the current year)
  • Stamp design – A white t-shirt with black collar and black sleeve cuffs featuring a stamp-style design that reads “Thanks for your help” on the front
  • Tree design – A white t-shirt with green collar and red sleeve cuffs featuring “Sharing the Good News and bringing Great Joy” on the front.

Whether you need a gift to thank the volunteers at your shoebox event or simply to hand out to guests at your Operation Christmas Child shoebox packing party, these adorable shirt favor boxes will do the trick. They are easy to assemble too!

Don’t forget… All profits from this product will be used to create/pack/ship Operation Christmas Child shoeboxes!


Help spread Good News and Great Joy in 2016 by making shoebox gifts for Operation Christmas Child!

Adventures of Beasley, Events & Shows, Operation Christmas Child

OCC at Vacation Bible School


This week at church, Vacation Bible School featured a ministry each day and guess which ministry was chosen for Thursday? Operation Christmas Child!


We set up a fabulous-looking information table in the foyer with lots of great information about how to get involved with OCC and of course, displayed our GIANT shoebox! As part of Vacation Bible School, kids brought empty shoeboxes which will be available during National Collection Week for those who need a shoebox to fill. Guess how many empty shoeboxes were collected during the week . . .  208! It took 6 shipping cartons to hold them all!


Also on Thursday, “Operation Christmas Child day”, during craft time the kids assembled over 500 salvation bracelets to put in shoeboxes! Wow. After making a bracelet, the kids gathered in the theater room to watch an OCC video and learn more about where shoeboxes go and the impact they have on a child’s life. They all loved to see the kid’s faces as they opened their shoebox and held up their favorite item! Beasley was spotted on the Audiovisual computer desk in the theater helping test run the video before the first group of kiddos arrived. Check out her new “OCC” red and green outfit!

As a “thank you” to the co-ordinator of VBS for letting OCC be one of the featured ministries, we gave her this cute gift. Inside this adorable red gift sack with glittery green tissue paper was an OCC t-shirt, pen, window decal and shoebox scripture treasures box. She loved it! We can’t wait to see what next year’s VBS will bring . . .

Operation Christmas Child, Products

Merry Christmas Card for Shoeboxes

We’re getting into the holiday spirit here at MadeCreatively by releasing a brand-new product! This next bit of information is the best part – it’s completely FREE to download! It’s the ‘Merry Christmas’ Card and features the phrase in 18 different languages on the cover. This adorable 4 1/2 inch Christmas card is perfect for writing a personal note and including in your Operation Christmas Child shoeboxes. There is a good chance that the child who receives it will speak one of these featured languages: Swedish, Hindi, Romanian, Spanish, Italian, Lithuanian, Dutch, Russian, Chinese, English, Swahili, Portuguese, French, Irish, Japanese, German, Indonesian and Filipino.

Simply download, print, cut, fold, and write!


Oh yeah, and this card is also a great addition to your Shoebox Packing Party!

Enjoy and Merry Christmas from the ItsMadeCreatively team!

Click Here


Sneak Peek! Ornament


Hello ItsMadeCreatively fans! We have a special treat for you today – a sneak peek at a brand-new product that will be released soon! This a small, shoebox plane ornament will feature custom text on the top, for you to add special wording to best suit your needs. It is easy to assemble and will look simply adorable on your Christmas tree this year! Remember, all profits from this product as with all of our Packing Party products are used to create/pack/ship Operation Christmas Child shoeboxes. Look for this great new item to become available in our store in a few weeks!