Adventures of Beasley

That small brown Operation Christmas Child shipping carton stacked with many, many other cartons on a trailer destined for the Processing Center is filled with the 23 precious shoeboxes that MadeCreatively made this year using the profits from our Shoebox Packing Party products!

National Collection Week 2017

Follow the journey of these 23 simple gifts from our hands to the 23 sweet children in Honduras who God chose to receive these particular shoeboxes!

Journey of Our 23 Shoeboxes in 2016

MadeCreatively's own mascot, little Beasley was spotted at the local Collection Center for Operation Christmas Child shoeboxes during National Collection Week!

Beasley During National Collection Week!

Halloween is only two weeks away but someone here at MadeCreatively already has her costume on and pumpkin candy bucket at-the-ready!

Happy Halloween from Beasley!

Next to one of the display shoeboxes was Beasley! This shoebox, for a 10-14 year old girl, has so many great items: sewing kit, school supplies, jump rope, lamb, hygiene items, sunglasses, slinky and more!

Friday Night Drag Races Round 6

Beasley posed for a photo in front of the brand-new Buc-ee's fuel station that just opened across the road from the speedway. That place is huge!!

Friday Night Drag Races Round 5

Dogwood Estates senior living community held an Operation Christmas Child shoebox packing party this afternoon and we were there to help set-up and host the party. They ended up filling 68 shoeboxes which beat last year's total of 63 shoeboxes! Hooray!

Let’s Fill Some Shoeboxes!

It's Friday night again and where are we at? Texas Motor Speedway to volunteer at an information table for Operation Christmas Child during the speedway's Friday night drag races...

Friday Night Drag Races Round 4

This week at church, Vacation Bible School featured a ministry each day and guess which ministry was chosen for Thursday? Operation Christmas Child! Read about the fun we had this week. . .

OCC at Vacation Bible School

We simply had to take a photo of Beasley sitting on Legends race car #24, which was parked right next to our Operation Christmas Child information table at Texas Motor Speedway!

Friday Night Drag Races Round 3

At Texas Motor Speedway tonight, Beasley was spotted at an Operation Christmas Child information table! She also got a photo with MadeCreatively's custom "This is a cool fan" paper fan!

Friday Night Drag Races Round 2

Tonight, Beasley traveled with us back to the Texas Motor Speedway to watch the Lone Star Legends races. Zooming past with a loud roar, the Legend cars darted around the track, passing and skidding through the turns with laps flying by in the blink of an eye. It was so exciting!! Read more...

Lone Star Legends Racing!

At Texas Motor Speedway tonight, Beasley was spotted at an Operation Christmas Child information table! She also got a photo with the Lone Star Legends pace car!

Friday Night Drag Races Round 1

Introducing... Beasley! | MadeCreatively | Say hello to MadeCreatively's mascot, Beasley the bear! This adorable little stuffed bear has many exciting adventures lined up to share with you starting with a visit to...

Introducing… Beasley!